Laser & Light sources


The FIR-/THz lasers are optically pumped lasers used in applications where coherent radiation in the range of 40 μm to 1.22 mm (0.25 –7.5 THz) is required.

The modern and compact MLI Excimer Laser series from MLase are UV light sources at 193 nm or 248 nm with high pulse energies up to 16 mJ and repetition rates up to 1,000 Hz !

JDSU’s air-cooled argon lasers are designed for complex, high-resolution applications such as flow cytometry, DNA sequencing, graphic arts, and semiconductor inspection


The PL series of continuous wave, grating tuned, infrared gas lasers sets the standard for high power, stable sources for a wide variety of applications in molecular spectroscopy.

These DPSS lasers have very low noise and excellent beam quality. They have been designed for easy integration.


JDSU direct-diode laser products provide up to 180 watts output at 940 nm with 600 µm fiber delivery


The JDSU Q Series lasers are Q-switched diode-pumped UV and green lasers which are used for high-pulse-energy processing of materials such as ceramics, high-repetition-rate processing of materials such as sapphire or silicon.