JDSU NPRO Single Frequency Laser

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Reference number: JDP-NPRO-series

JDSU solid-state laser can be used for fiber optic sensors, coherent communications, remote antenna connections, optical heterodyne techniques, lidar, sonar and passive oscillators.


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JDSU Laser, Solid-State, CW, 1064/1319 nm (NPRO 125/126)

The JDSU NPRO 125/126 diode-pumped lasers produce continuous-wave (CW), single-frequency output at either 1064 nm or 1319 nm. Key features include fiber-optic or free-space output, narrow linewidth, low noise, frequency tunability, and adjustable power. The NPRO 125/126 lasers are used for a variety of applications including fiber-optic sensing, coherent communications, remote antenna links, optical heterodyne, lidar oscillators, and passive sonar. At the heart of each NPRO 125/126 laser is the unique JDSU, monolithic NPRO laser cavity that delivers true single-frequency laser output. Since its initial development in 1985, NPRO technology has a record of reliability and top-level performance. Amplitude noise for a typical NPRO 125/126 laser is <0.05 percent rms over the range from 10 Hz to 2 MHz, and less than −165 dB/Hz above 10 MHz (shot-noise limited). This performance is achieved by combining an inherently quiet laser oscillator with a noise reduction circuit, which effectively eliminates the laser’s natural relaxation oscillation. NPRO lasers are built in a compact, OEM-friendly package with all necessary control electronics on the laser head to integrate easily with existing systems or new product platforms.

Key Features

  • 1319 or 1064 nm outputs available
  • Fiber-coupled output
  • Proven nonplanar ring oscillator (NPRO) design
  • Superior power stability
  • Narrow linewidth
  • Tunability
  • Ease of use
  • Ideal for OEM applications

  • Fiber-optic sensing
  • Coherent communications
  • Remote antenna links
  • Optical heterodyne
  • Lidar oscillator
  • Passive sonar

The JDSU NPRO 125/126 diode-pumped laser for continuous wave (CW) and single-Frequenzy output at 1064 nm or 1329 nm