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Fiber optic components and systems transmit information at high speed. Thus, they form the backbone of modern communication networks. Further applications of fiber optics can be found in sensor technology or photonics. 

Modern broadband communication networks such as backbone, metro and access networks (PON/FTTx /5G mobile communications) are no longer conceivable without optical fibers, fiber optic components and the transmission systems based on them. Fiber optic transceivers convert electrical signals into optical signals and enable their transmission over short or very long distances at data rates of 400 to 800 Gbps and more.

Outside of telecommunications, fiber optic sensors are used to measure physical quantities such as temperature, pressure, or strain, for example, to monitor the rotors of wind turbines.

In medical technology, optical coherence tomography enables tissue structures to be examined in order to determine the thickness of the cornea.



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