Laser spare parts
Laser spare parts

Lamp-pumped and diode-pumped solid-state lasers serve as proven laser sources in a variety of industrial and research and development applications. Ensuring permanent, reliable laser operation requires regular maintenance and consistent equipment with high-quality spare and consumable parts. Laser 2000 provides the appropriate spare and consumable parts for nearly all commercially available solid-state lasers. Our many years of experience and extensive database allow us to clearly allocate the required spare parts for a given laser model.


High-quality laser lamps, arc lamps and flash lamps.


To optimize the beam quality and maximise the output power of a laser, the correct laser medium and dopant level needs to be selected.

LSO-Flow Tubes

Flow Tubes and Flow Plates aFlow Tubes and Flow Plates are used to cool the laser rod and the pump lamp.


DI Cartridges, Resin and Particle Filters


Pump cavities focus the radiation of the pump lamp into the laser rod, thus optimizing pump efficiency.


Complete pumping chambers and laser heads can be offered for a variety of lamp-pumped and diode-pumped laser systems.