Maintenance and Repair

Opotek Service Center

Laser 2000 is an authorized service partner of Opotek and thus takes over the European service center. We carry out the usual repair and service work on the OPO lasers of the Opolette, Radiant and Phocus series. This eliminates the time-consuming customs declaration for you when exporting to the USA and reduces the shipping costs incurred.

Contact us if you have, for example, these problems:

  • Loss of power (partial/complete)
  • Defective OPO mechanics
  • Dejustment

Our service includes the following:

  • Replacement after damage of optics
  • Adjustment of the complete system
  • Exchange of flash lamps

Service request

Problems with your device? No Problem: Our Return Policy

Our main goal is to support you as our customer in the realization of your tasks in the best possible way. If, despite all our efforts, the case should arise that a device does not function as desired, we would like to ask you to observe the following points in the interest of rapid processing:

RMA Number

For every return to Laser 2000 you need a Laser 2000 Return Material Authorization (RMA) number. Please contact our service department in advance by phone, fax or e-mail. This number is valid for 30 days, after which returns with this number will no longer be accepted. Please enter the RMA number in the accompanying documents and on the outside of the address label. Unfortunately, return shipments cannot be accepted without the appropriate marking with the RMA number and must therefore be returned freight collect.


Before returning a device, please check according to the operating instructions whether there is really a defect or a malfunction that does not meet the specifications. For unauthorized returns we have to charge you our working time with an inspection fee of at least 130 Euro. In the event of third-party intervention, removed serial numbers/type labels or improper handling, warranty service is generally not possible.

Please always return the system to us in the original packaging with all accessories.


Please always return all accessories with which the system was originally delivered and operated. Often the fault lies with the accessories and not with the system. However, please only send us accessories that are included with the system. We do not accept any liability for material supplied otherwise.


Please return free of charge, in case of warranty we will send postage free. Please do not take out additional transport insurance. Each of your shipments is covered by our insurance (transport insurance policy = TVS).

Defect outside the warranty period

We charge a lump sum for inspection according to effort, extent and type of device (but at least 130 Euro). Please note that additional costs (extra transport, higher inspection costs, etc.) may be incurred in the event of a necessary inspection at the manufacturer. These cannot be named here as a general rule. For detailed information please contact our service team. We will check your defective device and together with you we will weigh up the most economical option (repair or new purchase). If you decide to repair your defective device, you will only be charged the repair price offered. The calculation of the inspection is omitted. The inspection fee is also waived for new purchases.


We require a qualified description of the defect with details of the type and extent of the damage or defect. All estimates are non-binding and based on the delivery conditions of the respective manufacturer.

Attention: In order to ensure a quick processing of your return, only completely filled out and signed requests can be processed!