Fibre coupled light source, D & Halogen

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Reference number: STE-SL5

The SL5 deuterium halogen light source is a miniature deuterium and halogen light source covering the spectral range of 190-1100nm.


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The SL5 Deuterium Tungsten Halogen Light Source- is a miniature Deuterium and halogen light source that covers the 190-900nm range. The lamp combines the Deuterium Spectrum with the Tungsten Halogen spectrum to form a single optical path. The deuterium and halogen lamps can be individually turned on or off and have a front and rear panel shutter control. The SL5-DH lamp connects via fiber optic cable to cuvette holders, dip probes, and flow cells, with the return signal routed to the spectrometer SMA 905 input connector.

200-1100nm Spectral Range - Combines two light sources into one small package with deuterium bulb plus tungsten-halogen bulb in one fiber optic connection.

Miniature Size - Its small size of 1.5 x 2.5 x 6 inch makes it a perfect match for our UVN or EPP2000C UV-VIS spectrometer (as pictured).

Dual Lamps - The deuterium and halogen lamps can be individually turned on/off and have a front panel shutter control button for taking a quick dark spectra reference.

Portablility - The combination of both lamps into one small enclosure saves money and reduces complexity to provide the ultimate UV-VIS light source for portability.


Weight 1 pound
Power consumption 6 watts
Spectral Range 190 - 2200nm
Time to stabilize output 5 min
Power output 1 watt
Bulb coloc temp 3000K
Output to bulb internal
Output regulation 0.05%
External filter acc. demountable
External filter slot 0.5 inch diameter
Spetral attenuation 450nm dip
Connector SMA 905