Optical Test & Measurement
Optical Test & Measurement

A large number of optical measuring instruments are used in industry and research to investigate a wide variety of processes. Examples are the measurement of lasers by laser power, beam profile and wavelength, but also spectroscopic applications such as the characterization of the emission of light sources or their photometric measurement by luminance and color.
In the recent past, more and more imaging systems have also found their way into optical metrology, especially innovative technologies such as SWIR cameras and hyperspectral imaging.

This laser beam profiler features a CMOS sensor that guarantees frame rates of up to 60 Hz with high dynamics and is suitable for large beam diameters up to 11 mm.

The beam analysis camera WinCamD-IR-BB with integrated microbolometer array enables analyzes on long-wave lasers in the range of 2 μm to 16 μm.

This Laser Beam Profiler from DataRay is equipped with a CQD sensor and offers a spectral response in the SWIR range of 400 - 1700 nm with resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 pixel.

DataRay's ILM system is used for beam profile monitoring of high power lasers consisting of an attenuator for high powers, an imaging lens system and a camera system. The measurement of very small laser beams with diameters of less than micrometers is possible despite often high laser powers.

A main feature of the WinCamD is the optional M2 Stage. Thus, it can be easily extended to a complete M2 measurement system.


The beam profiling cameras BladeCam2-HR and BladeCam2-XHR combine an extremely compact design (housing depth of only 12.84 mm) with a very high resolution.

The ChemCal Printer produces known chemical distributions and precise droplet mass deposits.

The Line Laser Profiling System (LLPS) is a complete solution for analyzing line lasers up to 200 mm in length and down to 55 μm in width.