Hyperspectral Imaging

From space imaging to microscopes: detection, recognition and identification are fundamental to numerous applications. Hyperspectral imaging is the cutting-edge technology that best meets each requirement.

To better understand hyperspectral imaging, we first look at multispectral imaging. The most popular multispectral camera today is a simple color camera. This captures images in 3 spectral bands: red, green, and blue. The three bands are separate, non-contiguous, and easy to visualize. To create color images, filters are placed on each pixel: red filter, green filter and blue filter. This type of image construction is called a Bayer filter. This process can also be enhanced by assigning not just one, but several filters to each pixel.

Hyperspectral imagers are in some ways an extension of multispectral imagers. Multispectral cameras provide images with typically several dozen, separate bands that are not necessarily contiguous. Hyperspectral cameras, on the other hand, provide up to several hundred bands that are contiguous and thus continuously cover a large spectrum.

The advantage of hyperspectral imaging is accurate color and material identification. The light signal is split into hundreds of channels, resulting in an extremely high amount of information for each pixel. This makes it the most sought-after technology in applications based on precise differentiation of diverse, similarly colored materials.

A wide range of applications benefits from this technology, including:

  • Remote sensing (ocean/water, air quality, field water stress/weed invasion…)
  • Biophotonics and Biotechnology (blood tests, seed viability, Petri dishes, …)
  • Quality control (wood, woven and non-woven, drugs…)
  • Sorting (food, plastics, minerals…)

With the development of compact, low-cost, rugged hyperspectral imaging systems, this technology can be used in different industrial and outdoor environments and on embedded platforms. 

Laser 2000 helps you to setup your solution, by choosing the right composition of camera (hyperspectral / multispectral), lighting and software. We can make a proof of concept and design prototypes based on your specifications. 



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