Laser & Light sources

Single Frequency Laser Diodes from Photodigm, Wavelengths, and Packages 760 nm to 1083 nm Laser Diode.

JDSU solid-state laser can be used for fiber optic sensors, coherent communications, remote antenna connections, optical heterodyne techniques, lidar, sonar and passive oscillators.

The SL1 Fiber Optic Light Source for VIS - NIR applications allows one sample per fiber to be illuminated.


The Q-Switched Series breakthrough technology enables optimum performance with the lowest power consumption available.


The CNI series cw diode lasers are available with nearly all commercial available wavelengths.

Innovative Photonic Solutions’ single-mode wavelength stabilized lasers feature high output power with ultra-narrow spectral bandwidth and a diffraction limited output beam. Designed to replace expensive DFB, DBR, fiber, and external cavity lasers.

Compact diode laser modules without compromises for industrial integration and scientific applications.