Laser & Light sources
Laser & Light Sources

The number of applications in which lasers and light sources are used is growing very rapidly. Therefore, the development of new laser sources and the optimization of already established lasers is one of the main tasks in the field of photonics.
Today, lasers play an important role in numerous applications, ranging from measurement and biotechnology to material processing. Accordingly, lasers with different wavelengths, power levels, sizes, shapes, etc. are needed. Laser 2000 offers a wide range of different laser light sources for industrial and scientific applications.

LED and broadband light sources are applied in molecular analysis, cell research, industrial imaging, forensics, color measurement and patient care.

A revolution in material processing: the spatter-free blue diode laser with 500 W and excellent brightness. Particulary for non-ferrous metal treatment, like copper laser welding or even gold laser welding.

The Photon Systems Deep UV laser product family is a revolutionary new family of deep ultraviolet laser products.

The SLD-101S is a highly stable superluminescent light source designed specifically for OCT, sensor and test & measurement applications.


The FIR-/THz lasers are optically pumped lasers used in applications where coherent radiation in the range of 40 μm to 1.22 mm (0.25 –7.5 THz) is required.


The cw solid-state lasers of the CNI series are characterized by the availability of almost all commercially available wavelengths

JDSU helium-neon lasers with the wavelength 632.8nm are available in the power range from 0.5 mW to 22.5 mW.