Halogen Light Source

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Reference number: STE-SL1

The SL1 Fiber Optic Light Source for VIS - NIR applications allows one sample per fiber to be illuminated.


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350 nm-2200nm Spectral Range- effective for color, reflectance and absorbance measurements

Extensive Life- The SL1 has a 10,000 hour Tungsten Halogen lamp filled with Krypton gas

Great Compatibility/Versatility- manipulate output with color-enhancing or signal-attenuating filters.

Maximum Flexibility- several models and options to choose from to meet all your application needs


Weight 0.62 pounds (280 g)
Power Consumption 12 watts
Spectral Range 300 - 2200 nm
Time to stabilize output 1 min
Power output 200 watts
Opt. colot temperatur 2800K
Output to bulb 5VDC
Output regulation 0.2%
Int. filter accesory 2 inch square filter slot
External filter slot SL1 Filter only
Bulb life 10,000 hours
Connector SMA 905