The DIY Raman Building Blocks are made to build your own OEM modular setup that is designed to keep up with all your application and performance demands.

The Photon Systems Deep UV laser product family is a revolutionary new family of deep ultraviolet laser products.


StellarNet´s ruggedized miniature spectrometer for Raman spectroscopy


Connects to 785/532/1064nm Laser accessory such as Ramulaser or Raman Laser Mainframe via FC/APC fiber optic connector and spectrometer via SMA 905

The laser goggles Finder allows you to filter out from our range of laser safety goggles and laser adjustment of your favorite glasses.


Lichtleitfasern (Glasfasern) als Zubehör für unsere Spektrometer

The highly compact diode and DPSS lasers from Oxxius impress with their wide availability in terms of wavelengths and power. Modulation and various fiber coupling options are available for all laser variants.


The StellarCASE-Raman was developed for portable applications and field work allowing you to take the laboratory to your sample.

Innovative Photonic Solutions’ single-mode wavelength stabilized lasers feature high output power with ultra-narrow spectral bandwidth and a diffraction limited output beam. Designed to replace expensive DFB, DBR, fiber, and external cavity lasers.