IR-Emitter, 750°C, 0.9W, Pulsed

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Reference number: HWK-IR

Summary of pulsable sources and steady state sources


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Pulsed Infrared Emitters up to 750°C

The IR-50 range of broadband infra red lamps is based around a very low thermal mass diamond-like carbon thin film element. Due to the low thermal mass, the infra red lamp can be pulsed at frequencies up to 100Hz with good modulation depth, or contrast between the on and off states. It is therefore suitable for use with quantum detectors like photoconductive PbS and PbSe, which otherwise would require a chopper to avoid excess low frequency "flicker" (1/f) noise.

This lamp is significantly better, watt for watt and Hz for Hz, than any competing non-mechanical modulation that technology offers. This new lamp has an active area of approximately 1.5 mm? and is supplied in a TO-5 style package. The normal working range is 500° to 750° C with peak short term heating up to 850° C possible. Calculated lifetime is approximately three years at 600°C.

Three families of parts are available in this range though both use the same element as the emitting infra red lamp.

IR-50 -> Standard IR-50 giving a wide output beam.
IR-55-> The addition of a parabolic reflector, collimates the output beam giving a narrow output beam with greater intensity.
IR-56 -> As per the IR-55 but with a smaller parabolic reflector allowing operation in a smaller envelope. (9.1mm x 10.2mm diameter.)