Network Infrastructure
Network Infrastructure

The basic requirement for communication between computers or active components is an operational network infrastructure. A network infrastructure consists of various hardware components such as patch cords and pigtails, connectors, plug-ins, and rack systems (such as 19” slots) including cable management and splice boxes. Laser 2000 also offers products specially designed for use in harsh environments.


High-quality and robust splice boxes in different dimensions and designs as well as for all common coupling variants. All boxes are equipped with splices and guarantee a time-saving, simple installation due to their flexible mounting options.


IP66 wall splice box 24 x FO - The Laser 2000 BEP-24 wall splice box has been designed for a maximum of 24 FO plugs.

ORMP 1U Draw-out-type ODF. The ORMP draw-out-type ODF is designed for the placement of 24 optical connectors indoors. The design of the patch panel enables to install it into a 19” rack.

ORMPV 1U Hinged ODF. The ORMPV hinged module patch panel is designed for placing 48 optical connectors in internal environment. The design of the distributor enables installation on a 19” rack.


ORSM 4 Module ODF. The optical distribution patch panel ORSM 4 and is designed for the placement of 72/144 optical connectors indoors in the central office. The distribution patch panel is designed for the installation into 19" or 21" data cabinet.

ORMPM 3U/144 Module ODF. Module rackmounted distributor ORMPM 3U/144 is designed for the placement 144 optical connectors into 12 vertical modules indoor. It is to install into 19“ rack.


Lead and lag fibers are used to adapt the meter to the target. The use of a launch fiber protects the adapters on the meter and evaluates the start or end events.

The optical socket ORM1 is designed for termination an optical network via 2–4 optical fibers in a customer terminal point. Can be connected to a PC, different peripheral equipment or to another equipment via optical patchcords. It is designed for indoor wall mounting.