Fiber preparation / Tools
Fiber preparation / Tools

Fiber processing includes splicers, polishers and cleavers, as well as inspection and cleaning tools for fiber optic networks. The field of application ranges from stripping of fiber jackets to fiber breaking and splicing. Flawless end surfaces of ferrules and connectors are obtained by polishing. Clean fiber optic connections are essential to ensure high transmission rates. Dirt on connector end surfaces creates attenuation and can lead to scratches on mating connectors or ferrules, thereby paralyzing a complete network. Our cleaning tools reliably remove dirt. Polishing holders, polishing pads and polishing foils are offered as further accessories and consumables.


Field of application for the Ultratoolkit is the fast plug assembly in the field or laboratory or the end surface processing of bare fibers.


Precision polishing machine (desktop unit) for a small product or prototype connector.

Specially designed for field use and retro-polishing (touch-up repair of connector surfaces), the rugged design of the FTTX Polishing Machine, combined with the latest technology, enables industry-standard plug polishing.

Precision polishing machine CTC for 2 or 4 plugs as tabletop unit is designed for small and medium production volumes, for PC and APC plugs or for surface grinding.


For applications in research and development as well as industry, the Ultrapol End & Edge Polishing Machine provides precise polishing of fiber end surfaces.


FerrulePro SPR-1 has been well received as the World's Exclusive Benchtop Fiber Cleaner since its launch in 2010. Now, the upgraded SPR-2 model which achieves cost reduction and high speed cleaning is newly released.

Premium lapping and polishing film that produces super-fine, consistent finishes.


Splice protection press for crimp splice protection