Splicing technology


Fiber optic polishing films improve the optical performance of your connectors and reduce costs!


The crimp splice protection serves to protect the splice against climatic and mechanical stresses. The protection is processed with the splice protection press.


Splice protection press for crimp splice protection


Stripper for fiber protection tubes with diameter < 3.2mm
with 3 blades

The high precision Cleaver V7+ cuts optical fiber very precisely, can be used for a variety of holders for up to twelve ribbon fibers as well as universal holders for 250um, 900um and 3.0mm fibers and flat cables.

TS Pro is a universal and thermal fiber stripper that can remove the coating and sheathing of all types and brands of fibers.


Handy 3-axis fusion splicer with core centering and cloud-based operation and management system. The View5 Pro has the approval for Telekom ZTV TK-Netze 48