Lab and production measurement technology
Lab and production measurement technology

Laser 2000 offers a variety of modular or dedicated test solutions for fiber optic applications in laboratory, production and development. Microscopes and interferometers enable the assessment of connector cleanliness and quality. Stationary cleaning systems efficiently clean fiber optic end surfaces. Component test solutions verify insertion and return loss of optical components or enable characterization of other optical properties. Polarization controllers and analyzers, optical switches, attenuators, power meters and adjustable filters complete this portfolio. Modular systems allow the setup of individual measuring stations and represent an investment in the future.

The Polarisation State Generator PolaWise from General Photonics is a sophisticated measurement system for characterising all polarisation properties of light sources and optical materials.
The MPC-203 is a special version of GPCs’ Multifunction Polarization Controller which can reach extremely high rates of polarization change. It combines PolaRite™ II/III polarization controller with proprietary polarization control algorithms to achieve a wide range of polarization control functionalities.
The PSY-201 is a deterministic polarization controller that can generate and maintain any state of polarization (SOP), regardless of the input SOP. It combines General Photonics’ patented polarization controller, in-line polarimeter, and control algorithm into an instrument that functions as both a polarization state generator and a polarization analyzer.
PolaStay™ polarization stabilizers from General Photonics actively maintain a stable output state of polarization (SOP) against rapid input SOP fluctuations, compensating for an input polarization discontinuity in as fast as 5 ms, or tracking without resets against a continuous input SOP rotation of up to 32π/s.


With the TIA series we offer optical-electrical converters for laboratory and field use.