Component Test
Component Test

The Passive Component Test Solution (PCT) consists of a family of modules, software and peripherals for testing insertion loss, return loss, length and polarity of optical test objects.

InsideView(TM) is an optical coherence domain reflectometer (OCDR- 1000) designed to obtain space-resolved reflection information inside a fiber optical component, such as a Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC), for diagnosing quality or design issues.

Mit der PPMD Quelle -1000 ist es erstmals möglich, deterministisch und mit hoher Auflösung PMD-Werte erster Ordnung bis 180 ps und zweiter Ordnung bis 8100 ps2 zu erzeugen.


With the TIA series we offer optical-electrical converters for laboratory and field use.

The TIA-2000 Optical to Electrical Converter is a high speed photodetector module designed for direct optical-to-electrical conversion of RF-modulated optical signals and provides a typical bandwidth of DC-20 GHz
The TIA-4000 is comprised of a fiber coupled InGaAs APD detector combined with a variable reverse bias voltage network and fast transimpedance amplifier