Leader fiber for OTDR measurements

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Reference number: FOV-Vorlauf-x-y-z

Launch Fiber for OTDR applications in various lenght and connector assamblies are available.


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Pre-run and follow-up fiber in the flexible compact case

The case shown above can accommodate up to 4 different fibers with a total length of 3,000m at the customers request. The two pigtails are led out with a length of 2m. By default, they are equipped with a 2.4mm thick protective jacket.

For extreme conditions, the pigtails can be covered with a special metal-silicone protection. This protects against kinking and pressure load (tread-proof) and always pulls itself independently in a stretched position. Knotting is a thing of the past!

For better handling, the pigtails in the case are wrapped around a metal fixture, which simultaneously limits the minimum bend radius and keeps it from being pinched in the lid. In the middle is a storage box for small parts, such as adapters, dust caps, etc.

For emergency repairs, a splice tray can be integrated with the help of which new pigtails can be spliced.

All current types in PC and APC grinding are available as plugs. To qualify the surface quality, an interferometer protocol is supplied with each connector.

Fiber Types:

  • Standard single-mode fiber 9 / 125μm
  • Multimode fiber 50 / 125μm as OM2, OM3 and OM4
  • Multimode fiber 62.5 / 125μm
  • Special fibers on request!

Length x Width x Height: 275 x 220 x 65mm
Weight depending on fiber length

< > Recommended cleaning utensils:

Dry Clean plug Fiber Optic Cletop or Fiber Reel Cleaner
Dry Cleaning Connector / Coupling NOY-One-Click-2.5 or NOY -One-Click 1.25
wet / dry combination cleaning RIF Cleaning Pen QbE