Fiber Sensors
Fiber Sensors

Fiber sensor technology is one of the key areas of sensor technology. Modern fiber optic cables are increasingly opening up new applications in the field of sensor and illumination technology. Over the past few years, fiber sensors based on integrated Bragg gratings in particular have been frequently used for temperature and strain measurements. The use of laser technology for the functionalization of fiber end surfaces and the optimization of fiber construction and fiber bonding technology opens up a wide range of design possibilities. For example, fibers on the shell surface could be structured in a targeted way using laser beams to use decoupled light for illumination applications or to couple signals into the fiber.

General Photonics phase shifter produces phase shifts up to 15 pi at modulation frequencies from DC to 20 kHz.


GPCs’ 2nd generation all fiber phase shifter/modulator provides phase shifts up to 65π with a much lower half-wave voltage (~2 volts as compared with 10-20 volts for the 1st generation phase shifter) at frequencies from DC to 20 kHz


The FPS-003 all fiber phase shifter/modulator combines a wide modulation bandwidth (up to 60 kHz) with low half-wave voltages to create a long-range device that can be driven by standard function generators.


The FST-001-B is a piezo-driven fiber stretcher with a long optical delay range of up to 3 mm. The device comes complete with a piezo driver packaged in a user-friendly small enclosure.
OCT- und Sensorsysteme erfordern hochleistungsfähige ausgewogenePhotodetektoren, um das Signal-Rausch-Verhältnis des Systems zu verbessern. Die BPD-003 wurde speziell für OEM-Anwendungen in solchen Bereichen entwickelt, die auf niedrige Kosten und geringe Größe sowie hohe Leistung ausgelegt sind.
OCT and sensor systems require high performance balanced photodetectors to increase system signal to noise ratio. Polarization sensitive OCT and similar applications require separate analysis of the two polarization components of a signal. The PBPD-001 is specially designed for use in such systems.
Simultaneously detecting the powers of two orthogonal polarization components is important for many sensor and measurement applications. A pigtailed polarization beam splitter coupled with two photodetectors can be used for such applications; however, this arrangement is bulky, troublesome to handle, and costly.