Polishing technology


When hand polishing fiber optic connectors, you can't afford to leave anything to chance. These Fiber Optic Hand Polishing Discs, or hockey pucks as some installers call them, enable you to achieve quality endface finishes and consistent results time after time.


Fiber optic polishing films improve the optical performance of your connectors and reduce costs!

The reliable and robust precision polishing machine OFL15 from Seikoh Giken enables the polishing of fiber optic plugs (up to 24 pieces in one go) and fiber arrays with touch panel operation.

Premium lapping and polishing film that produces super-fine, consistent finishes.


Precision polishing machine (desktop unit) for a small product or prototype connector.


Field of application for the Ultratoolkit is the fast plug assembly in the field or laboratory or the end surface processing of bare fibers.