Field measurement technology
Field measurement technology

Laser 2000 offers a variety of test solutions to meet daily challenges in telecommunications environments. Applications include optical and/or electrical measurements on the transmission medium (such as for optical level measurement technology), OTDRs, WDM, copper certification in the LAN or xDSL environment, end-face connector inspection with microscopes, and bit error and protocol analysis on transmission systems within xDSL, Ethernet, SDH, or OTN environments.


Lead and lag fibers are used to adapt the meter to the target. The use of a launch fiber protects the adapters on the meter and evaluates the start or end events.


The FTTx-OTDR MTS-4000 from Viavi is a portable and modular platform with a large 7 color screen for building, checking and maintaining FTTx networks.


The OneAdvisor-1000 delivers all the test capabilities technicians and engineers need to install and maintain high-capacity networks. Supporting emerging and legacy technologies, the OneAdvisor-1000 is ideal for metro/core, data center interconnect, and business services testing.
The FI-3000 FiberInspector™ Ultra is the industry's most complete fiber inspection solution.
Fluke Networks OptiFiber® Pro Series-OTDR makes novice and expert certification faster!


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