Separation of Laser Areas
Separation of Laser Areas

According to the German Ordinance on the Protection of Employees Against Hazards caused by Artificial Optical Radiation (OStrV), laser areas must be designed in such a way that the class 1 emission limit of the laser is not exceeded. This condition can, for example, be met by means of large-scale mechanical shielding made of tested and certified material. For this purpose, Laser 2000 offers laser safety curtains, manual or motorized roller blinds, fixed or roller-mounted screens, and screens for laboratory tables.

The laser protection curtains Orca are suitable for all lasers and wavelengths and thus provide the necessary level of protection in the field of variable laser protection curtains.

Laser safety curtain Wolf, the cost effective, certified curtains for low and medium powered lasers

Mobile laser protection partition of flat foot construction for the delimitation of class 3B and 4 laser systems.

Optoblok is a new system for optical tables to protect the environment from laser radiation and scattered radiation of the optical structures.

Laser blinds and laser protective visors are designed as passive protection systems to prevent the leakage of laser beams.

This laser protective screen blocks all laser (including high-power and multi-kilowatt laser). It consists of a 50 mm thick 'sandwich' of steel and a special laser light protective foam mounted in a powder coated steel frame.
All of the screens are portable and can be used as simple temporary installations or can be used on a semi-permanent or permanent basis as required.