Electronic Room Protection
Electronic Room Protection

Laser systems of classes 3B and 4 must be constructed in accordance with the German Ordinance on the Protection of Employees Against Hazards caused by Artificial Optical Radiation (OStrV) in such a way that no hazardous laser radiation can penetrate through to the outside. Electronic interlocks on the laser that prevent laser emission within an open laser environment (such as an open door or flap) represent one option for ensuring this protection is provided.

The interlock control system ICS-9 reaches the highest possible performance level "PL e" when properly installed in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1.

We offer a free download of the ICS-6 Interlock Control System Configurator as an aid for optimum adaptation of the ICS-6 system to the prevailing conditions.


For the active protection of single and double doors and swinging doors


The audio alert system is a speaker with up to 40 seconds long automatic text message that is combined with the interlock control systems.
The Wavelength Indicator For Eyewear (or W.I.F.E.) is designed by Lasermet specifically to indicate the wavelength of each laser in use in the laboratory or laser room.