Laser Blocking Screen "Heavy Duty"

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Reference number: LMT-LBS-HD

This laser protective screen blocks all laser (including high-power and multi-kilowatt laser). It consists of a 50 mm thick 'sandwich' of steel and a special laser light protective foam mounted in a powder coated steel frame.


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Mobile laser protective screen Heavy Duty

The heavy-duty laser protective screens are mounted in a powder-coated steel frame, making them easy to position and lock. Due to the multi-layer structure, a very high passive protection is achieved, especially for large beam diameters. The total thickness of the screen is about 50 mm. Between the two outer steel sheets is a non-flammable, dense plastic foam. As a result, these special protective screens can withstand a power density of up to 62 MW/sqm.


  • Height 1.98 m / width 1.19 m and 2.35 m
  • Wall thickness 50 mm
  • Stable powder-coated frame
  • Feet with lockable rollers
  • Screen material white, white

Protection values ​​according to EN 60825-4

Irradiated area

 PEL* (T3) 10 s

PEL (T2) 100 s

4 mm2

62 MW/sqm.

35 MW/sqm.

2000 mm2

3.1 MW/sqm.

1.7 MW/sqm.

* PEL = Permissible Exposure Limits

The material protects against laser beams of all wavelengths!