Laser Blocking Screen

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Reference number: LMT-LBS-4

All of the screens are portable and can be used as simple temporary installations or can be used on a semi-permanent or permanent basis as required.


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Laser partition

Height 1.92 m
Width 1.22 m
Color: One side in white, the other in black

Protection duration of over 100 seconds for the following values:
  • 2.2 MW/sqm. over an area of 4 mm2
  • 0.35 MW/sqm. over a surface of 2000 mm2

The material protects against laser beams of all wavelengths!

All Screens are CE certified according to the standard EN 60825-4 (safety for class 4 laser products: laser protection products).

Several screens can be connected via a connecting piece (LMT-LBS-C) in a straight line or at an angle of 90°. The screens can be rolled into the desired position. The rollers can be fixed.