Mobile Blocking Screen Flatfoot

Laser Blocking Screen
  • Laser Blocking Screen
  • Laser Blocking Screen

Reference number: LMT-LBS-FLATFOOT

Mobile laser protection partition of flat foot construction for the delimitation of class 3B and 4 laser systems.


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Laser Blocking Screen Flatfoot

The Flatfoot laser protective screen consists of an aluminum plate and is mounted in a powder-coated steel frame, just like the Lightscreen partition. The peculiarity are the flat feet which seal completely down to the ground.

The screen is suitable for the permanent as well as temporary demarcation of a work area in which lasers of class 3B and 4 are operated and protects against accidental and permanent exposure to laser light. It has particularly high protection values.

The combination of high quality, high protection, safe demarcation and simple modular design, the Flatfoot partition offers safety and flexibility in the workplace.


  • Width 1.5 m, height 2 m
  • Wall thickness 25 mm
  • Stable powder-coated frame
  • Flat feet
  • Wall material white, white
  • Very high protection values

Protection values ​​according to EN 60825-4

Irradiated area

 PEL* (T3) 10 s

PEL (T2) 100 s

4 mm2

310 MW/sqm.

170 MW/sqm.

2000 mm2

1,8 MW/sqm.

1 MW/sqm.

* PEL = Permissible Exposure Limits

The material protects against laser beams of all wavelengths!