Laser Safety Curtain Wolf

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Reference number: LMT-LC-Wolf

Laser safety curtain Wolf, the cost effective, certified curtains for low and medium powered lasers


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Laser protection curtain Wolf

The laser protection curtain "Wolf" is made of a specially developed laser-blocking material and can be delivered as a finished ceiling or wall construction. The dark gray material on both sides serves as a laser protection as well as a blackout curtain.

The "Wolf" laser protection curtain is ideal for use with class 3B lasers or for scattered radiation of class 4 lasers and is also fire-resistant. If radiation hits the material above the maximum permissible radiation, a non-toxic smoke is generated and the material starts to glow easily. In this way, radiation can be easily detected without harming the employee.

Properties of the laser protection curtain Wolf

The upper edge of the laser curtain is provided with eyelets for support, but can also be connected to hooks on a curtain rail.

The weight of the laser safety curtain is 900 g/sqm. A curtain rail for heavy loads for smooth use can be supplied. It is also possible to equip the curtains full-sided with Velcro on the edge and place them as a window cover directly on the window frame.

  • Height of a laser safety curtain: variable to max. 4 m
  • Width of a laser safety curtain: variable to max. 8.7 m
  • Larger special sizes available on request
  • Material: single layer, dark gray on both sides
  • Curtain weight 900 g/sqm.
  • Eyelets and hooks made of metal on the upper edge
  • Smaller blanks please specify when ordering - the cut is free
  • Attachment of additional panels possible
  • Velcro fastened on the side of the curtain as standard. On customer's request otherwise possible.

Protection values ​​according to EN 60825-4

Irradiated area

 PEL* (T3) 10 s

PEL (T2) 100 s

4 mm2

248 kW/sqm.

140 kW/sqm.

2000 mm2

124 kW/sqm.

70 kW/sqm.

* PEL = Permissible Exposure Limits

The material protects against laser beams of all wavelengths!
All curtains are CE certified according to the standard EN 60825-4 (Safety of laser equipment - Part 4: Laser protection walls)

Please take into account when measuring the width to add approx. 7-10 %  for the drapery!