Warning Lights
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Warning Lights

Warning lights are used to indicate the operational state of a laser. The status display can be used to significantly reduce interruptions and downtime in laser systems and laboratory workstations. For class 4 laser systems, the installation of an illuminated warning sign at the access indicates the laser environment in accordance with the German Ordinance on the Protection of Employees Against Hazards caused by Artificial Optical Radiation (OStrV) is required by law. An interlock control system can be used for control purposes.

This LED warning sign can be powered from a standard wall outlet, making it an easy way to install a warning light.


The warning signs of the LMT-LEDS-ULT-470 series ensure a reliable status display of delimited laser-, X-ray- or other hazardous areas with large letters and warning symbols.

Compact one-way warning light with black letters on a yellow background. Versions with text in German and English language available. Upon request, customized texts surcharge is possible.

The LED warning lights to indicate status of security restricted areas or spaces are operated at low voltage. With its compact size, it can be well attached to the entrance area at eye level.

Large, space-saving LED laser warning light - in addition to the standard versions, custom icons, text and colors up to two different status are possible.