Osela Industrial Laser System - TEC High power laser for machine vision applications

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Reference number: L2S-ILS-Laser

The high power system with thermoelectric temperature stabilization for even better signal-to-noise ratios and DB-connector for monitoring/modulation.


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Industrial Laser System for machine vision!

This system is developed for demanding industrial machine vision and scientific applications. This thermoelectrically cooled device is able to emit uniform laser lines at high powers.


  • Superior beam shaping
  • Different wavelengths
  • Individual optical options
  • External focussable
  • High Pointing and focus stability
  • Thermoelectrical cooled
  • DB-connector for monitoring/modulation
  • Laser classes ≤ 4
  • Protected against: ESD, reverse polarity, over temperature and overvoltage


  • 3D Machine Vision
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Bio-Medical


Example: ILS-670-1500-RT-D-45-PF100-DP

ILS Industrial Laser System
670 Wavelength: typ. 670 nm
1500 Max. diode power: 1500 mW
RT Digital modulation (Reverse TTL): off 0 - 0,5 V | on 0,7 - 5 V
D Focus option: D
45 Fan angle: 45°
PF100 Prefocussed to distance:100 mm
DB Dust Proof

Other available Options:

  • COS4 correction (or other profiles)