Mini TEA pulsed CO2 Laser

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Reference number: EDI-MTL-5

The MTL-5 is a compact, user-friendly, bench-top, Transverse Excited Atmospheric (TEA) Pressure pulsed CO2 Laser.


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The MTL-5 features self-diagnostic testing and built-in, fail-safe mechanisms designed to monitor system performance and to support system integrity. The laser offers high performance specifications for a variety of scientific and specialist applications. The TEA CO2 laser can be operated in either multi-mode or single mode (TEM00) configuration. Multi-mode untuned output energy is rated at 150 mJ/pulse at 100 Hz.

The laser is supplied with a separate power supply that enables optimum space without compromising experiments. An optional wavelength selection unit with precision grating control enables users to step tune easily between wavelengths 9.2 μm to 10.8 μm.

• 50 ns Pulse Width (typical)
• High Repetition Rates, Single Shot – 100 Hz
• Manual Grating Tuned Option (9.2 μm to 10.8 μm wavelength operation)
• Untuned: 10.6 μm, max. Energy Multi Mode 150 mJ/Pulse
• Tuned: >60 lines available, max. Energy Single Mode 50 mJ/Pulse
• Compact Control Driver Unit
• Precision Grating Control
• Extended Service Lifetime