JDSU Argon-Ion Lasers

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Reference number: JDP-Argon

JDSU’s air-cooled argon lasers are designed for complex, high-resolution applications such as flow cytometry, DNA sequencing, graphic arts, and semiconductor inspection


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Single-line wavelengths include 458, 488, or 514 nm with output power ranging
from 5 to 75 mW and multi-line output power of up to 40 mW.

Symmetric design and axial airflow in the cylindrical argon ion laser heads provide the best mechanical package to ensure optimum beam-pointing stability and fast warm-up. Both initial installation and routine maintenance are straightforward due to tight production control of optical and mechanical tolerances. Blower-induced mechanical vibration is virtually eliminated through the use of flexible ducting between the laser head and blower assembly.

Typical applications:

  • DNA sequencing
  • Flow cytometry
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Semiconductor inspection

Argon Ion Laser:

Wavelength Spectrum Power Part number Housing
458 nm Single Line 4 mW JDP-2211-4VL rectangular
JDP-2214-4VL cylindrical
15 mW JDP-2213-15VL cylindrical
25 mW JDP-2213-25VL cylindrical
488 nm 10 mW JDP-2214-10SL cylindrical
20 mW JDP-2211-20SL rectangular
JDP-2214-20SL cylindrical
30 mW JDP-2211-30SL rectangular
JDP-2214-30SL cylindrical
75 mW JDP-2213-75SL cylindrical
515 nm 15 mW JDP-2214-15GL cylindrical
20 mW JDP-2214-20GL cylindrical
458-515 nm* Multi Line 25 mW JDP-2214-25ML cylindrical
40 mW JDP-2214-40ML cylindrical

(*Oscillation at 458, 476, 488, 497, 502, 515 nm)