Polarization Synthesizer/Analyzer - PolaFlex™

Polarization Synthesizer/Analyzer - PolaFlex™
  • Polarization Synthesizer/Analyzer - PolaFlex™

Reference number: GPC-PSY-201

The PSY-201 is a deterministic polarization controller that can generate and maintain any state of polarization (SOP), regardless of the input SOP. It combines General Photonics’ patented polarization controller, in-line polarimeter, and control algorithm into an instrument that functions as both a polarization state generator and a polarization analyzer.


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Polarization Synthesizer/Analyzer - PolaFlex™

The generated SOP and the corresponding Poincaré Sphere representation can be displayed on a computer screen via USB interface. The output SOP can be specified by inputting Stokes parameters using the front panel keypad or by manually tuning the SOP to reach a specific point on the Poincaré sphere or to reach an optimum value of a polarization-dependent metric. Once a desired output SOP is found, the instrument can automatically maintain this SOP against input SOP fluctuations.


  • 4 MHz SOP sampling rate
  • 1 MHz analog bandwidth
  • 45 dB input power dynamic range
  • Real-time Poincaré Sphere display
  • High-speed SOP generation and tracking
  • High speed analog output of SOP & DOP


  • Receiver polarization sensitivity analysis
  • System SOP/DOP monitoring
  • PER measurement
  • Polarization generation and stabilization
  • Sensor system characterization
  • 100G system polarization characterization