O/E Converters

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Reference number: TTI-TIA-X

With the TIA series we offer optical-electrical converters for laboratory and field use.


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Optical to Electrical Converters

With the TIA-Series we offer a wide variety of O/E converters that are invaluable for the lab and the production line. They range in wavelength from 400 to 1700nm and bandwidths of DC to 20 GHz. The TIA 525 and 527 models may be operated from battery or line power. Please use the chart below as a guide to assist you in model selection.


  • 400nm to 1700nm wavelengths
  • Bandwidth to 14 GHz
  • Compact Size
  • Universal power supplies
Model Description Detector Wavelength AC/DC Coupling Conversion Gain @ Peak Wavelength
TIA-525I DC to 125 MHz InGaAs 850-1700nm selectable 100,000 V/W
TIA-525S DC to 125 MHz Silicon 400-1000nm selectable 100,000 V/W
TIA-527 DC to 125 MHz Matched InGaAs 850-1700nm selectable 100,000 V/W
TIA-952 30KHz-800MHz InGaAs 900-1700nm AC 2500 V/W
TIA-1200 DC to 14GHz InGaAs 900-1700nm DC 0.8 V/W
TIA-2000 DC to 20GHz InGaAs 900-1700nm DC 0.8 V/W
TIA-3000 30 KHz to 11GHz InGaAs 900-1700nm AC 500 V/W
TIA-4000 30 KHz to 7 GHz InGaAs APD 950-1650nm AC 2500 V/W