Advanced Multifunction Polarization Controller - PolaMight™

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Reference number: GPC-MPC-202

The PolaMight (MPC-202) is an advanced Multifunction Polarization Controller specially designed to meet the requirements of coherent receiver performance tests.


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Advanced Multifunction Polarization Controller - PolaMight™

PolaMight combines GPC's PolaRite™ III polarization controller with proprietary polarization control algorithms to achieve a wide range of polarization control functionalities. including high speed quasi-uniform rate polarization scrambling, random- rate polarization scrambling with Rayleigh rate distribution, discrete-state polarization scrambling, sine, square, and triangle wave SOP modulation, and manual polarization control functions.In particular, the “Tornado” quasi-uniform rate polarization scrambling function can achieve a high SOP scrambling rate of up to 60,000 revolutions/s (more than 360 krad/s) with a narrow rate distribution clustered around the highest rate. In short, the MPC-202 is an ideal tool for production or laboratory testing of polarization related functions and parameters, including passive/active component characterization, performance tests of fiber optic interferometers, sensor systems, RF photonics systems, etc. The quasi-uniform rate high speed scrambling function is particularly useful for SOP tracking speed testing of coherent receivers. The square wave SOP modulation function is ideal for SOP recovery time tests.

Features PolaMight:

  • Quasi-uniform rate SOP scrambling with SOP change rate up to 360 krad/s
  • Scrambling with Rayleigh rate distribution
  • Discrete SOP scrambling
  • SOP modulation
  • Low IL, PDL, PMD, and AL
  • Bright OLED display

Applications PolaMight:

  • SOP response test of coherent receivers
  • SOP tracking speed test
  • SOP recovery time test
  • Polarization deMux performance test
  • PMD and PDL related tests