Fluorescence microscopy
Fluorescence microscopy


The cw solid-state lasers of the CNI series are characterized by the availability of almost all commercially available wavelengths

The laser goggles Finder allows you to filter out from our range of laser safety goggles and laser adjustment of your favorite glasses.


The CNI series cw diode lasers are available with nearly all commercial available wavelengths.

The highly compact diode and DPSS lasers from Oxxius impress with their wide availability in terms of wavelengths and power. Modulation and various fiber coupling options are available for all laser variants.

Semrock is the safe choice for high-quality filters for biophotonics and medical technology. They convince through longevity (10-year warranty), flexibility (customised production) and quality.

The FYLA Supercontinuum picosecond laser provides an average power of 3 W over a broad wavelength range of 450 - 2300 nm with a pulse duration of < 10 ps.