FYLA Supercontinuum picosecond laser


Reference number: FYL-Iceblink

The FYLA Supercontinuum picosecond laser provides an average power of 3 W over a broad wavelength range of 450 - 2300 nm with a pulse duration of < 10 ps.


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FYLA's power-stable picosecond supercontinuum laser delivers an average power of more than 3 watt with short pulses of < 10 ps over a broad wavelength range of 450-2300 nm.
This makes the laser a versatile light source for numerous applications. In particular, absorption/transmission measurements, VIS, NIR and IR spectroscopy, single molecule spectroscopy and fluorescence excitation benefit from the broad wavelength range.

Main Features


Excelent Power Stability Bio-Imaging
Best Jitter Diagnostics
VIS + NIR Power Balance Inspekction
Singlemode Metrology

Specifications Iceblink

Average Power > 3000 mW
Pulse Duration < 10 ps
Wavelengthrange 450-2300 nm
Repetitionrate 40 MHz
Power Stability < 0,5 % (Std. deviation)
Polarisation Unpolarised
Optical fiber Single Mode / 1 m length
Optical Output Collimated from 459-100 nm
Singlemode for the full spectrum
Synchronisation / Connector Optical Reference Signal with FC/APC Connector
Beam Diameter < 4,0 mm (1/e² @532 nm)
< 1.2
Cooling Thermoelectrical cooling with air cooling 
Laserclass 4


FYLA offers a tunable filter to match the supercontinuum laser.

Spectral range 450 - 750 nm
Polarisation Unpolarized
Output Freespace or multiode fiber (1 m) with FC/PC Connector.
Optional with collimated output
Synchronisation and interfaces IN - Coupling holder ( Laser ) / IN - Lemo Connector ( Power supply ) / IN - USB port ( System control ) / Jack connector (Interlock) / Jack Connector (shutter)