Essential for every microscope is the detection method. We offer you a selection of suitable cameras and spectrometers for fluorescence microscopy. If you need further information or detailed advice, please contact our biophotonics team.

The GlacierX is a TE cooled CCD spectrometer. This spectrometer is ideal for most UV-NIR applications with spectral configurations from 200 - 1050 nm.

The StellarNet BLUE-Wave miniature spectrometer is a fiber optically coupled instrument with a wide selection of models for measurements in 200 - 1150 nm wavelength ranges.

StellarNet's concave grating spectrometer delivers high performance for spectroscopy applications in the UV-VIS wavelength ranges covering 190 - 850 nm, or optionally 280 - 900 nm.

The Exemplar® HT is a high-performance Raman spectrometer with very high throughput. The back-thinned CCD detector allows highest efficiency with low noise and high dynamic range.


The Acuros eSWIR HD series from SWIR Vision Systems deliver highest-resolution images in the range from 400 to 2100 nm.