Laser Safety Goggles Finder

Laser Safety Goggle Finder
  • Laser Safety Goggle Finder

Reference number: L2K-LSF

The laser goggles Finder allows you to filter out from our range of laser safety goggles and laser adjustment of your favorite glasses.


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Laser Safety Goggles Finder

The laser safety goggles finder allows you to select your favorite glasses out of our range of laser safety goggles and laser adjustment goggles. After entering your laser parameters and after the calculation of the required laser safety values, you can determine your favorite goggle from the range of suitable laser safety goggles with just a few clicks.

Quick and easy search for the optimal laser goggles

  • Enter the parameters for up to 6 different lasers
  • Calculate the required laser safety values according to DIN EN 207:2017
  • Calculate the required laser alignment values according to DIN EN 208:2010-04
  • Select the goggles with your desired properties out of the search results
  • Create your own laser safety goggle datasheet including your comments
  • Store your favorite goggles in your watch list
  • Compare different goggles regarding their properties, safety values and filter curves
  • Create a request form to get a free and non-binding offer

Free of charge and non-binding Download 

The laser safety goggle finder can be downloaded free of charge and non-binding via a download link. To run the laser safety goggle finder Excel 2010 or later versions are required.


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