Spark Lasers ALCOR - highest power femtosecond laser for Biophotonic

Spark Lasers ALCOR 1W & 2W - Femtosecond Laser for Biophotonic
  • Spark Lasers ALCOR 1W & 2W - Femtosecond Laser for Biophotonic
  • Spark Lasers ALCOR 1W & 2W - Femtosecond Laser for Biophotonic
  • Spark Lasers ALCOR 1W & 2W - Femtosecond Laser for Biophotonic

Reference number: SPK-ALCOR

The ALCOR series ultrafast lasers produce high average power with ultrashort femtosecond pulses at 920 nm or 1064 nm.


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Beam Profile ALCOR Spark Lasers

The ALCOR fs fiber laser from our supplier Spark has been specially developed for multiphoton microscopy and provides the optimal specifications for green fluorescent proteins (GFP) and calcium indicators such as GCaMP with an excitation wavelength of 920 nm. For red-shifted indicators (RCaMP, dtTomato, MCherry), the ALCOR is also available with 1064 nm.
For all users who use both green and red flourophors, the ALCOR is also available as a dual-head with two laser heads and one controller.
With ultra-short pulse durations of < 100 fs and 80 MHz repetition rate, the ALCOR delivers an average power of up to 5 watts (5 W version) which allows high penetration depths or greatly accelerates the scan time by multiplexing.
Due to the fiber laser technology, the ALCOR is also more space-saving and requires less maintenance than conventionally used Titan:Sapphire lasers. This makes it the perfect solution for all users who do not need to cover a wide wavelength range with their 2-photon microscope and are looking for a simple and reliable solution.

The optional ALCOR XSight extension allows you to continuously control the power via an acousto-optic modulator (AOM), and the Flexsight option makes it very easy to integrate the laser into your setup with fiber coupling.

Specification Overview 

ALCOR 780 ALCOR 920-1.5 ALCOR 920-2.5 ALCOR 920-4 ALCOR 1064-2 ALCOR 1064-5
Wavelength 780 nm 920 nm 1064 nm  / 1040 nm
Average Power 0.8 W 1.5 W 2.5 W 4 W 2 W 5 W
Pulse duration <150 fs <100 fs <130 fs <100 fs <120 fs
GDD pre-compensation

computer controllable from 0 to -60.000 fs² (-90.000 fs² optional)

Repetition rate (fixed) 80 ± 2 MHz
Energy per pulse 10 nJ >18.7 nJ >31.2 nJ >50 nJ >25 nJ >62.5 nJ

Beam parameters

<1.2 <1.2



Beam diameter 1.2 ±0.2 mm 1.4 ±0.2 mm 1.2 ±0.2 mm 1.8 ±0.2 mm 1.5 ±0.2 mm
Divergence <1 mrad
Ellipticity >0.9 >0.8
Polarization >100:1, vertical
Power stability <1 % rms
Pulse to pulse stability <1 % rms

Option XSight (Integrated AOM for fine power control and fast power modulation)

Transmission 85 %
Beam diameter after AOM 1.0 ±0.2 mm 1.2 ±0.2 mm 1.0 ±0.2 mm
for more information, please check the datasheet

Option FLeX Fiber delivery

Fiber length 2 Meter
Pulse duration & Transmission <120 fs at 60 % Transmission
for more information, please check the datasheet

Option DUAL

Dual-version Two independently controllable laser heads (920 nm, 1040 nm and/or 1064 nm) with one controller for maximum optimization of space requirements

Further detailed information and application examples are explained in detail in the recording of our webcast "Evolution of 2-Photon Microscopy with femtosecond ALCOR lasers".

Laser 2000 GmbH is the exclusive distributor of Spark Lasers in Germany and Austria.


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