Spectrometer Systems
Spectrometer Systems

The DIY Raman Building Blocks are made to build your own OEM modular setup that is designed to keep up with all your application and performance demands.

The BTR115 series OEM Raman development platform from B&W Tek consists of an integrated Raman core engine with a stabilized laser, cooled CCD-based spectrometer and sampling optics.


StellarNet´s ruggedized miniature spectrometer for Raman spectroscopy


Das STE-PORTA-LIBS-2000 ist ein portables, kostengünstiges System für die laserinduzierte Plasmaspektroskopie (LIPS), welche eine schnelle, berührungslose Methode zur Analyse von festen, flüssigen und gasförmigen Stoffen ist.


The StellarCASE-Raman was developed for portable applications and field work allowing you to take the laboratory to your sample.


The ChemWiz-ADK Series 3 Handheld NIR Spectrometer is a research-grade near-infrared spectrometer that is both durable and user-friendly, suitable for testing sample composition in both laboratory and field settings without any additional setup.