Light & Color Measurement
Light & Color Measurement

Light and color measuring instruments such as colorimeters and spectroradiometers are used for photometric characterization and calibration of light sources and displays. Among other things, luminance and chromaticity are measured to guarantee uniform color and image reproduction on different displays. Measurements to reduce flicker enable less distraction, for example in automotive applications or fatigue-free work at the computer workstation.

The Prometheus colorimeters from Admesy offer a unique combination of high speed and high accuracy colour measurement evan at luminance levels.


The Hyperion colorimeter from Admesy offers a unique combination of high speed and accurate colour measurement capabilities packed in a robust jacket.

A high-speed measurement device from Admesy suited for Luminance, Illuminance and Flicker measurements.

High-end performance, exceptional ease of use and robust from cover to core: Neo, a versatile platform to create spectral measurement solutions for a wide array of applications.

The ultimate all-in-one solution for display spot measurements. Prometheus Viewfinder offers a viewfinder camera and a flicker sensor in addition to a high-end spectroradiometer. Easy to integrate and designed for 24/7 operation in production environments.

The Prometheus LF 17 mm is an ultra-fast photometer for performing high-resolution luminance and flicker measurements on displays and evaluating waveforms