Hand polish for LWL connector

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Reference number: ULT-Ultratoolkit(-bare)

Field of application for the Ultratoolkit is the fast plug assembly in the field or laboratory or the end surface processing of bare fibers.


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Hand polish set for LWL connector Ultra Toolkit

The key to Ultratool performance is a universal polisher holder (puck) for all polishing holders with a finely adjustable micrometer screw for fine adjustment.
For surface grinding, PC and APC polishes, standard holders are available for the most common types of connectors (not E2000). The bare fiber polishing pads allow the polishing of bare fibers (flat grinding or angled flat grinding). They are available in different diameters. Customized holders allow polishing of other materials, e.g. Small wafer sections.
Delivery contents Ultratoolkit for LWL-connector:
  • Ultratool hand polishing tool (1101.1)
  • Replacement Wear feet (8)
  • 4 polish holders (SC, LC, ST, FC), or 1 bare fiber holder
  • Glass plate with rubber feet
  • Polishing plate soft
  • Carrying case
  • Basic equipment Polishing foils and suspension
  • Holder for 1 plug
    • Surface grinding plug: SMA905, SMA906
    • PC connectors: Biconic, FC, SC, ST, 2.5mm ferrules, LC, MU, 1.25mm ferrules
    • APC connector: FC, SC, ST, 2.5mm ferrules, LC, MU, 1.25mm ferrules
  • Holder for bare fibers (flat or angled, diameter selectable)
Other recommended accessories:
  • Dial gauge for determining the protrusion (protrusion gauge)
  • Crushing and Scriber Tool (Cleave and Scribetools)
  • Polishing film set for singlemode or multimode connector polish
  • Polishing liquid (suspension)
  • Polishing films
Overview available polishing films:
  • Material: alumina 100 pieces per VPE (0,3µ, 0,5µ, 1µ, 3µ, 5µ, 9µ, 12µ, 16µ, 30µ, Ultrafilm B)
  • Material: silicon carbide 100 pieces per VPE (1µ, 3µ, 5µ, 9µ, 12µ, 16µ, 30µ)
  • Material: Diamant 15 pieces or 50 pieces per VPE (0,1µ, 0,5µ, 1µ, 3µ, 6µ, 9µ, 15µ, 30µ)