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Reference number: ULT-Minipol-1

Precision polishing machine (desktop unit) for a small product or prototype connector.


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Precision polishing machine for small productions or prototyping: Minipol 1

For many common connectors there are holders (SC, LC, FC, MU, ST, SMA, 2.5 mm and 1.25 mm ferrules).
Bare-fiber, PC, APC and flat grinding can be achieved by simply changing the plug holder and / or changing the polishing foil.
A factory-set, oscillating guide arm and a rotating polishing foil holder enable the highest polishing quality.
It is also possible to realize bare fiber up to 1.2mm diameter with special polishing angles (angular accuracy 0.1 °).
The ULT-Minipol can also be used for "retro-polishing". The system can be operated with 220 V or with 12V battery.
Basic Features

Delivery contents: 
  • UT Minipol polishing machine
  • Hard polishing plate
  • Polishing plate soft
  • Power supply country specific
  • Holder for 1 plug
    • Surface grinding plug: SMA905, SMA906
    • PC connector: FC, SC, ST, 2.5mm ferrules, LC, MU, 1.25mm ferrules
    • APC connector: FC, SC, ST, 2.5mm ferrules, LC, MU, 1.25mm ferrules
  • Holder for other connectors e.g. E2000 or for POF / PCF on request
  • Holder for bare fiber (flat or angled, diameter selectable)
Other recommended accessories: 
  • Dial gauge for determining the protrusion (protrusion gauge)
  • Crushing and Scriber Tool (Cleave and Scribetools)
  • Polishing liquid (suspension)
  • Polishing films
Overview available polishing films:
  • Material: Alumina 100 pieces per VPE (0,3µ, 0,5µ, 1µ, 3µ, 5µ, 9µ, 12µ, 16µ, 30µ, Ultrafilm B)
  • Material: silicon carbide 100 pieces per VPE (1µ, 3µ, 5µ, 9µ, 12µ, 16µ, 30µ)
  • Material: Diamant 15 pieces per VPE (0,1µ, 0,5µ, 1µ, 3µ, 6µ, 9µ, 15µ, 30µ)