Polishing machine LWL connector 2/4 plug

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Reference number: ULT-Fibertec-Polisher

Medium and large production volumes can be realized with the user-friendly precision polishing machine Fibertec with LCD display.


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Polishing machine for 24 LWL plugs for medium and large production volumes: Fibertec

The Fibertec polishing machine is designed for 10 to 24 fiber optic connectors. With LCD display, adjustable polishing time (1 and 999 seconds) and the possibility of storing 9 different polishing processes, it offers an appealing user-friendliness.


  • LCD display of the polishing process parameters with the possibility to save and retrieve the settings (up to nine memory locations)
  • Torque of the carrier plate remains stable even when the speed is changed
  • Separate water supply for safe operationAdjustable weight allows correct polishing pressure
  • Vibration damping for uniform polishing results

 Delivery contents: 

  • FiberTec polishing machine
  • Cable retention system
  • 5 polishing pads
  • Power supply country specific


  • Holder for plug
    • PC connector:
      • 12x FC, 12x / 16x SC, 12x ST, 2.5mm ferrules
      • 16x LC, 16x LC2, 18x MU, 1.25 mm ferrules
    •     APC connector:
      • 10x FC, 12x SC, 2.5mm ferrules
      • 12x LC, 12x LX5, 1.25 mm ferrules
    •     MT / MP connector:
      • 12x MTRJ, 12x MPO
  • Holder for other connectors on request

Other recommended accessories: 

  • Cleave- und Scribetools


  • Polishing film set for singlemode or multimode connector polish
  • Polishing liquid (suspension)
  • Polishing films

Overview of available polishing films: 

  • Material: alumina100 pieces per VPE (0,3µ, 0,5µ, 1µ, 3µ, 5µ, 9µ, 12µ, 16µ, 30µ, Ultrafilm B)
  • Material: silicon carbide 100 pieces per VPE (1µ, 3µ, 5µ, 9µ, 12µ, 16µ, 30µ)
  • Material: Diamant 15 pieces or 50 pieces per VPE (0,1µ, 0,5µ, 1µ, 3µ, 6µ, 9µ, 15µ, 30µ)