Asteria Series Light Meters

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Reference number: ADM-Asteria

A high-speed measurement device from Admesy suited for Luminance, Illuminance and Flicker measurements.


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Light Meter from Admesy

The latest product in the Admesy product family is the Asteria, a high-speed measurement device suited for Luminance, Illuminance and Flicker measurements. Based on the popular Admesy MSE platform the Asteria is designed for inline use with integrated calculating power for easy implementation and high speed measurement results.

Just as all our products the Asteria is build in a rugged and compact housing combining ease-of-use, high speed and stable measurements. The perfect tool for (inline) Luminance, Illuminance and Flicker measurements. 

Highlights of the Light Meter

  • Absolute luminance and illuminance measurement according to the human eye (CIE1931 luminosity function).
  • All flicker measurement standards supported for LCD (Contrast, JEITA, VESA) and Lighting (percentage, Index).
  • Measure high and low frequencies at the same time through a high sample rate and large memory size.
  • Trigger input and output for in line applications.
  • Windows, Linux,OSX and embedded systems compatible.
  • SCPI command interface for easy integration in other applications.
  • Supported in all major programming languages Labview / Labwindows / Visual Studio (C++, C#, VB)/ etc.
  • USBTMC standard compliant.
  • Integrating- or sampling mode available
  • 3 gain stages for every mode
  • Auto-range function
  • User calibration function and pre-programmed calibration values