High End Spectrometer Neo


Reference number: ADM-Neo

High-end performance, exceptional ease of use and robust from cover to core: Neo, a versatile platform to create spectral measurement solutions for a wide array of applications.


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Neo Series: High-end spectrometer

The Neo Series spectroradiometer offers a unique combination of ease of use and precise measurement capabilities in a rugged package. The Neo uses a cooled, high-end CCD detector for low noise and high dynamic range. This makes it ideal for measurements where ease of use, stability, performance and price are critical.

The high-speed processor inside the Neo, combined with algorithms developed specifically for this instrument, eliminates the need for external computing power from computers in production processes. The data can be used directly in production without any delays in further processing of the data. This saves time and computing power of the operating system of a production line.

The Neo-Spectroradiometer can cover virtually any wavelength range in the 250-1100nm range. Two standard versions (VIS and broadband) are currently available.
The Neo product series is available with a variety of accessories, lenses, cosine correctors and integration spheres.

The accessories can be coupled directly or through a fiber. In either case, this is done using the ultra-rugged industrial fiber coupler. If SMA-coupled accessories are already available, they can be easily connected to the fiber coupler using an SMA converter. In addition, Neo can also drive up to three active accessory components such as an LED light source or a filter wheel.


  • Various spectral ranges including UV, VIS and NIR in the range of 250-1100nm
  • Cooled high-end CCD detector, cooled to -10 degrees Celsius
  • High optical throughput
  • Internal mechanical shutter
  • Low noise
  • automatic range function
  • Wavelength calibration
  • Very low stray light
  • Excellent linearity, internally compensated within 1%
  • Dark current compensated, virtually zero over the entire integration range
  • USBTMC compliant, SCPI command set, high speed device
  • USB3, RS232, Ethernet ports and trigger in & out for ideal system integration
  • Internal calculations for most common parameters, saves computing power in production environments
  • Rugged housing, optimized for mounting and protection in harsh production environments
  • Very robust fiber optic connection
  • Direct control of accessories via the Neo, up to 3 active accessories can be controlled via the Neo




Spectral ranges

380 - 780 nm

360 - 830 nm

200 - 435 nm

200 - 1100 nm

Custom wavelength options are available: any range between 200 - 1100 nm can be selected for custom applications.

Optical resolution (FWHM)

Depending on chosen option

Order sorting filter

Linear variable filter

Wavelength accuracy

+/- 0.5 nm

Stray light

< 0.05 %

measured at 400 nm with 455 nm cut-off filter with broadband light source

Luminance accuracy

+/- 4 % (after calibration)

Chromaticity accuracy

+/- 0.002 (after calibration)

Non - Linearity

< 1 %

Baseline noise

+/- 6 counts

Fitler wheel

OD0, OD1, OD2, OD3, OD4, shutter function

Integration time

8 ms 10 minutes

Spectral resolution

Selectable 0.5 nm - 1nm - 2.5 nm - 5nm - 10 nm

Cooling temperature

-10 degrees Celsius


High speed USB, RS232, Ethernet, Trigger connections

Measurement parameters

Spectral output, radiometric data or colour data (Lumen, x,y, DWL, PWL, CRI, CCT, etc.)

Data processing time

14 ms

Size (LxWxH)

230 x 195 x 82.5 mm (without optical system)


3000 gram

Operating temperature

10 - 35 °C

Power consumption

5000 mW