LED Warning Sign SlimJim

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Reference number: LMT-LEDS-SJ

This LED warning sign can be powered from a standard wall outlet, making it an easy way to install a warning light.


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Thin Profile Backlit LED warning sign 

This LED warning sign is simple to install and is  available with  230 V AC or 110 V AC. Of course, the Slim Jim warning light can also be connected to the interlock control system ICS-5 /6. With only 11 mm casing depth, the warning lamp is easy and simple to assemble. It fitsneatly onto UK, US and European mains power single and double socket back-boxes as well as the Standard conduit boxes.

Customized Version of the text is available on request (extra charge).

Specificaion of the LED Warning Sign

  • 230 or 11 V AC
  • Overall dimensions: 355mm  x 105mm  x 11mm
  • Sign dimensions: 275 mm x 58 mm

Available Standard Massages of the LED Warning Sign 

  • In Use
  • Room In Use
  • Lab In Use
  • Occupied
  • Laser Radiation
  • X-Ray Radiation
  • Biohazard
  • Ionising Radiation
  • No Entry
  • Do Not Enter


1. without message (main power is off)

2. red message: LASER ON

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