InGaAs Single Photon Counting Module

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Reference number: MPD-InGaAs

High-end detection module for NIR-single-photon counting and timing.


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It is based on an InGaAs/InP SPAD with 25 µm active area diameter (10 µm for fibre-pigtailed version) that allows photon counting from 900 nm to 1.7 µm. The module consists of the detector and the control unit which are integrated in a compact housing. This allows to easily integrate it in any experimental setup.

The electronics surrounding the detector was designed to exploit the good performance of InGaAs/InP SPADs. The module includes a pulse generator for gating the detector, a front-end electronics for avalanche sensing, a fast circuitry for promptly quenching the avalanche current, by acting both at the cathode and at the anode of the detector, and some sub-circuits for signal conditioning.

Thanks to its ease-of-use and great flexibility, all the parameters of the SPAD can be adjusted by the user, in order to optimize the operating conditions according to the measurements to be performed.


  • 25µm active sensing area diameter
  • High Photon Detection Efficiency up to 40% from 900nm to 1550nm 
  • Free Space and Fiber Pigtailed version available
  • Available in different Grade depending on Dark Counts specifications
  • Adjustable PDE and hold-off time
  • Gate width from 1 ns to 500 ns
  • Int. or Ext. trigger up to 133 MHz

Parameter Notes Min Typ Max Einheit
Active area diameter Free space 25 µm

FC/PC fibre pigtailed (SMF-28) 10
Photon Detection Efficiency Vex=2 V; λ=1550 nm 10 %
Timing jitter (FWHM) At Vex=6 V 70 ps
Darkcountrate Vex=2 V; T=229 K Free space 8 10 kcps
Vex=2 V; T=229 K SM fibre-pigtailed 1 2 kcps
SPAD temperature SW selectable 225 243 K
Gate risetime (20-80%) 2 ns
Excess bias range Free Gate and free running 2 5 V
Fixed Gate 2 7 V
Hold-off time SW selectable in 10 ns steps 1 3000 µs
Gatewidth SW selectable in 1 ns steps 1 1.4 ns-ms
Gate repetition frequenzy 100 MHz
Internal trigger frequency SW selectable in 1 Hz steps 100 100 Hz-MHz
Delay path SW selectable in 1 ns steps 0 100 ns
Counter integration time SW gesteuert in 20 ms steps 0,1 60 s
PHOTON OUT, NIM OUT NIM Output -800 0 mV
Required load (DC) 50 Ω
PHOTON OUT Pulse width 10 ns
TRIGGER IN, AUX IN Amplitude -2 2,5 V
Load Impedance (DC) 50 Ω
Pulse width 800 ps
TTL OUT Output levels 0 2,7 V
Required load (DC) 50