The DIY Raman Building Blocks are made to build your own OEM modular setup that is designed to keep up with all your application and performance demands.


StellarNet´s ruggedized miniature spectrometer for Raman spectroscopy


The StellarCASE-Raman was developed for portable applications and field work allowing you to take the laboratory to your sample.
The Exemplar® Plus is a smart spectrometer with highest requirements for every application. The cooled back-thinned detector impresses with maximum sensitivity and a very high dynamic range.
The Exemplar® Plus LS is a smart spectrometer in the range from 180 - 1100 nm. You benefit from a holographic concave grating for minimal scattered light and a cooled back-thinned detector with highest sensitivity.
The Exemplar® HT is a high-performance Raman spectrometer with very high throughput. The back-thinned CCD detector allows highest efficiency with low noise and high dynamic range.
The BTR115 series OEM Raman development platform from B&W Tek consists of an integrated Raman core engine with a stabilized laser, cooled CCD-based spectrometer and sampling optics.